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Empire Avenue, affectionately called “The Avenue” ( is best described as a “Social Media stock market”.   It’s currency (eaves) are invested, earned, issued, and paid in developing an Empire Avenue stock portfolio that pays dividends daily.  Just as valuable is the lasting friendships and great relationships that are developed with other players.  Interactions with social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube, among others are vastly important in playing the game.

I joined “The Avenue” in 2011.   I’ve developed my own strategies over the years and they’ve proven successful.  Even though I’ve been active on the Leader Board and acquired much wealth in eaves, I remind myself that it’s only a game.  And it’s how you play the game that really matters.

The primary opportunities that Empire Avenue offers is exposure to new and interesting people from all walks of life and developing enjoyable/rich…

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How To Get An Effective Start by (e)SALLYKWITT

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Well-known player Sally Witt – (e)SALLYKWITT – shares her tips and recommendations on how to get an effective start on Empire Avenue for newbies. 
Making new relationships and having great interaction on social media is the whole point. You will meet awesome people on Empire Avenue, and learn so much about having meaningful interaction on the social media sites while having incentives to do it. Have fun!


Day 1

1. Set up your profile with a photo as soon as possible. Active players will see your profile pop up as a new player, and most will ignore profiles without photos. This is a great opportunity to get a lot of investments on your first day or two!
2. Set up all of your social media accounts so that you get credit for your activities.
3. Choose a few profiles and start with investing just 5 or 10 shares…

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Empire Avenue…….Worth your time?

There are hundreds of very compelling reasons why one should join any particular big social network like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or the like. Justification that your online presence would contribute to the ‘Search Engine’ popularity of your linked website or websites thereby bringing about the much needed flow of customers for the product or services promoted by those websites.

It is not as easy to use such compelling arguments to promote the joining of smaller and lesser social media sites like Empire Avenue.

Trevor Kohlhepp from Social Brothers, LLC gives you all the reasons why, in his article ‘Empire Avenue…….Worth your time?’

There is one network that I would say is worth it, Empire Avenue.

For those of you who have not heard of Empire Avenue it is a virtual Social Media Stock Market. Each user becomes a “stock” that
can be purchased and sold by other users. Upon signing up with Empire Avenue you are encouraged to connect your other profiles, including YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, FanPage, Flickr and Twitter to your account.

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‘Empire Avenue…….Worth your time?’

I am sure Trevor Kohlepp would have convinced you, so, if you have not already done so, click here and sign up at Empire Avenue.

After you have signed up find me (NOELBEN) and purchase as much of my stock as you can afford, mention this article and I will max out on you in return.

After you have found me and purchased some stock come back here and leave your comments.

What do you think of LinkedIn?

Are you a business person?

What do you think of LinkedIn?

Do you regard LinkedIn as a social media site only for people who own businesses, or are you shy of using LinkedIn because you feel that it is a site mainly associated with career people who are looking for a job, and feel any time spent on it would be wasted?

Are you like the many who feel it is not as vibrant and interesting as Facebook and Twitter, or even INSTAGRAM?

Have you looked at the Groups feature in LinkedIn?

Do you know that there are over 50 different groups in LinkedIn and that by joining a group related to your business and being active in it is one of the best ways to find potential referral sources and even clients for your business?

Join Empire Avenue and see how its members make use of LinkedIn.