Facebook Fan Page – Word of Mouth Marketing for your Business

When Facebook was founded on the 4th February 2004, the Internet browsing world felt or thought that it was a place or a site just for teenagers.

To-day Facebook has 1.23 billion active users with more signing up each day. With such a mammoth user base there is no longer any doubt whether your target market could be found on Facebook, or would be spending their time there.

Facebook is no longer just for teenagers and it attracts all age groups from teens to grandparents. In fact Facebook has become a daily routine for everybody who has a presence on the internet, which includes practically every demographic or target market.

Face book’s ‘Fan Page’ facility is so unique that it makes it feasible for every business to build its profile and create a meeting place or community of past present and prospective customers around its products and services.

Every business owner knows the importance of word of mouth advertising. A Facebook fan page is the best form of word of mouth marketing in the world to-day.

Joint Empire Avenue and its communities and experience this phenomenon.


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