The Empire Avenue Manifesto

There are many valid and compelling reasons why any person who values his or her online presence should be a part of the Empire Avenue network, but the reason that comes first to my mind is ‘Online Prosperity’

If you want to prosper online, then you must be a member of Empire Avenue.

Many people think of it as an online game, but that is selling Empire Avenue short. It is much much more than an online game.

Before joining Empire Avenue, I did a lot of research, and the article ‘The Empire Avenue Manifesto’ by Randy Gage on his website was the most convincing.

This is what it says:

Okay let’s start with a disclosure: I won’t join your Mafia family, I don’t spend my money buying virtual farm animals, and I’m not going to water your God damned plants. I don’t have time to play Internet games.

But I’m all over, and I suggest you do the same. Why?

Because it’s about your prosperity. It’s much, much more than an online game and it has a great deal more value than as simply a pleasant diversion. It can actually help you monitor your brand, and cultivate business.

So that’s the next caveat…

If you’re looking for gaming tips, this is the wrong article for you. There are plenty of places to get that info. This Manifesto is to tell you how I use Empire Avenue to grow my business, and how you can grow your own business. So let’s start with…

What is it?

Read the complete article ‘The Empire Avenue Manifesto’ at


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