Join Emipre Avenue The Social Stock Market

Join Empire Avenue the Social Stock Market and start buying and selling virtual shares in other people and brands, the prices of which are determined by the influence and activity of that individual in the actual ‘Social Media World’ through his or blogs, Facebook accounts and pages, Twitter account, and the like.

The idea behind Empire Avenue I feel is sheer genius. Empire Avenue is a virtual online stock exchange where you can buy and sell shares in other members and they in turn can buy and sell shares in you!

Empire Avenue is modeled on virtual online stock exchange games like the Hollywood Stock Exchange, but the main thrust of Empire Avenue is the actual degrees of online influence an individuals or organizations. The price of each members share is determined by his, her or its (if an organization or brand) reach, activity and engagement levels across Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Instagram, Google+ and Blogs on WordPress and much more.

Empire Avenue is just a game, complete with award badges and virtual currency bonuses for completing certain tasks and missions.

What one can achieve through activity on Empire Avenue is mind boggling. You have to join, partake to actually understand.

By joining Empire communities and talking with many of the users you will very quickly learn of the real value received from the platform. Many users claimed to have signed up believing the site would be, “Just a game” but very quickly came to realize see that it is so much more than that, myself included.

So click on this image
Join Empire Avenue
and join Empire Avenue to-day.


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