4 Reasons #EmpireAvenue is the Best Game You’re Probably Not Playing

Sitting in a packed electric train, on my way to the city from an outer suburb, I could not but help notice, that on an average, one out every three passengers had a mobile device in his or her hands, doing something with it, definitely not talking, as talking on the phone.

What were they doing? Playing games?

Forget the teenagers. The serious looking adults, what were they doing? Playing games? Do adults play games on their mobile phones? I was surprised to learn that the adults are the ones who play serious games on their mobiles.

I immediately thought of Empire Avenue, and did realize that it was a game, just as good as any other, and more than just fun, the Missions on Empire Avenue gives one the ability to achieve greater reach and a greater audience for their social media content.

Read this article, 4 Reasons #EmpireAvenue is the Best Game You’re Probably Not Playing published by Cdog Zilla on his blog ‘cryptonaut-in-exile’. I am partial towards anything Australian, when I am on the Internet. We Aussies have to stick up for each other.

I digress. back to the article in question. This is what it the article says:

Saturday, July 12, 2014.

4 Reasons #EmpireAvenue is the Best Game You’re Probably Not Playing.

4 ReasonsTwo questions first:

1. Do you use one or more of: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Flickr, LinkedIn, or Foursquare? If you don’t use at least one of those, you may want to skip the rest of this; however, if you use one or more (especially if more), then you may want to read on.

2. Do you play any casual, browser-based/mobile app games?

If you do, then Empire Avenue (EAV) may well be the best game you’re not playing.

I’ve talked about EAV before, you can refer back to those posts and watch the video below, to get the gist of how it plays like a virtual stock market in social media users. This time around, I want to focus on the main reasons why its worth playing for casual social media users and bloggers. Especially its (largely untapped) potential for fandom and politically engaged social media users as a platform for supporting their interests … while playing a game.

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